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Nino's Story Short

I'm Freedom Hacker Nino Prodan, entrepreneur, adventurer, and coach. I want you to thrive in business and live the inspired life you deserve. THE IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW ABOUT ME IS THAT I HAVE BEEN THERE. For over 40 years, I did countless things I loved, endless things I hated, even more that just made me numb, all in search of what I was meant to do – what would not only make me feel alive, but beckon me to live.

Design Your Time Course

My clients often have very tight schedules, so I designed the Design Your Time course to help people overcome time difficulties.
There are ways to get everything done and still have time to spend with your favorite people & doing your favorite things.
After all, what is life for?

1 - 1 Level Up Coaching

Not enough minutes in the day? Too much to do? I've been there!

I felt overwhelmed and exhausted all the time. I was living on coffee, woke up in the middle of the night & woke up feeling like I needed to sleep for another week.

All this not to mention that my brain just wasn't what it used to be...thinking felt like wading through mud.

Then, I found another way & fixed it!
Freeing myself from the daily grind & then automating most of my business was one of the BIGGEST freedom hacks.
Imagine being free to travel or sleep in on your schedule...or even spontaneously.

It's your life, why are you asking permission to live it?

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